Wheelchair Lap Blankets

Q: Does the Lap Blanket zip on the left or right side?

A: The design team for Cairns Design Inc. knows that everyone has a favourite side. That's why we've designed a special dual zip system which can open from either side, all the way around to the opposite side, making it easy for everyone.

Q: Our daughter is very small. Will a lap blanket work for her?

A: Measure your daughter from behind her knee to the bottom of her heel, then refer to the size chart. There are sizes covering from 11" to 21". If she is smaller than that, then please have a look at the Buggy Bag stroller blankets. They work beautifully on tiny wheelchairs.

Q: Does the Lap Blanket go underneath me at all?

A: No need to be concerned about pressure points. The Lap Blanket completely envelopes your lower legs up to your seat and covers your upper legs without going underneath you at all.

Q: I am quite slim and wonder if the lap blanket will be too roomy.

A: Don't worry, you can adjust the width through a handy shock cord behind your knees.

Q: I curious to know about the lining. What makes it warm?

A: The Lap Blanket is lined with a heavy fibre-fil insulation from the knee down and then from the knee up it's lined with a soft fleece. Because the outer shell is windproof and breathable, your body heat stays in without creating too much condensation.

Stroller and Jogger Accessories

Q: How do I decide which model to buy: stroller or jogger?

A: As a general rule, if the front of the seat sticks out enough to form a 'lip', then you would buy a Stroller model. If there is no 'lip' and the front of the seat continues down to the foot rest in one smooth progression, then you would buy a jogger. Here's a list to make it easier for you to decide.

If you still have questions, call our toll-free number 1-888-814-1588

  • Baby Jogger (all)
  • Bob (all)
  • Britax
  • Bugaboo Cameleon
  • Bugaboo Donkey
  • Bumbleride Indie
  • Bumbleride Flyer
  • Bumbleride Queen B
  • Chicco S3 All Terrain
  • Cosco Sprinter
  • Eddie Bauer (all)
  • Guzzie & Gus GUGU 101
  • Hauck (all)
  • iCandy
  • I'coo (all)
  • InStep Fixed Wheel
  • Joovy
  • Kolcraft Jeep
  • Maxi-Cosi (all)
  • Mountain Buggy (all)
  • Phil & Teds (all)
  • Quinny (all)
  • Safety First (all)
  • Valco
  • Bugaboo Bee
  • Bumbleride Flite
  • Britax
  • Chicco Cortina
  • Chicco Cortina Together
  • Chicco Trevi
  • Combi (all)
  • Cosco Avila
  • Cosco Altura
  • Cosco Umbria
  • Evenflo (all)
  • Gracco (all)
  • Guzzi & Gus (all except GUGU 101)
  • iCandy
  • InStep Swivel Wheel
  • Jolly Jumper First Wheels
  • Kolcraft Lightweight
  • Maclaren (all)
  • Maxi-Cosi Elea
  • Maxi-Cosi Mila
  • Maxi-Cosi Mura 3 or 4
  • Mutsy
  • Peg-Perego (all except Uno)
  • Uppa Baby (all)

Q: Does the Buggy Bag blanket go under my baby like a sleeping bag?

A: No, Your baby is already securely seated when you slip their little legs into the cozy lower section and pull the top section up to fully protect them from the elements. It completely envelops their legs up to the seat, and can stay attached to the stroller or be removed quickly... your choice.

Q: What ages is the Buggy Bag designed for?

A: The Buggy Bag is best suited for a child who is sitting up in a stroller, until they no longer wish to be in a stroller. Roughly 6 months to 3 years.

Q: Can the Buggy Bag be used for other things besides the stroller?

A: Yes, the Buggy Bag is very versatile. It can be taken from the stroller to the toddler car seat in a snap! It can also be used as protection over your baby in a baby hiking backpack!

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